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Religious Studies

Guide to key sources for research in Religion

Encyclopedias and Dictionaries - Christianity

  • Acta Sanctorum- "electronic version of the complete printed text of Acta Sanctorum, from the edition published in sixty-eight volumes by the Société des Bollandistes in Antwerp and Brussels. It is a collection of documents examining the lives of saints, organised according to each saint's feast day, and runs from the two January volumes published in 1643 to the Propylaeum to December published in 1940."
  • Biographical Dictionary of Christian Missions
    Call Number: BV 3700 B53 1998 | Location
  • Butler's Lives of the Saints (12 vols)
    Call Number: BX 4654 B79 | Location
  • Coptic Encyclopedia (8 vols)
    Call Number: BX 130.5 C66 1991 | Location
  • Dictionaire d'Archaeologie Chretienne et de Liturgie (15 vols in 30)
    Call Number: BR 95 C3 1907 | Location
    - Articles on art, institutions, liturgy and rites of the early Church up to the time of Charlemagne
  • Dictionary of Pentecostal and Charismatic Movements
    Call Number: BR 1644 .D53 2002 | Location
  • Encyclopedia of Early Christianity (2 vols)
    Call Number: BR 162.2 .E52 1997 | Location
  • Encyclopedia of Monasticism
    Call Number: BX 2420 .E53 2000 | Location
  • Encyclopedia of the Early Church (2 vols)
    Call Number:BR 66.5 D5913 1992 | Location
  • Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages
  • Encyclopedia of Christianity (4 vols)
    Call Number: BR 95 E8913 | Location
  • Handbook of Christian Theologians
    Call Number: BT 28 H35 1984 | Location
  • New Catholic Encyclopedia
    Call Number: BX841 .N48 2003 | Location
    - 2nd edition
  • The New Schaff-Herzog Encyclopedia of Religious Knowledge (13 vols)
    Call Number: BR 95 S34 1949 | Location 
  • Oxford Dictionary of Byzantium
  • Oxford Dictionary of Popes
  • Oxford Dictionary of Saints
  • Concise Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
    - Note paper version in the Reference Collection provides longer articles and more extensive bibliographies
    Call Number: BR95 .O8 2005
  • Oxford Encyclopedia of the Reformation
    - also available in print
  • Profiles in Liberation: 36 portraits of Third World Theologians
    Call Number: BR 1702 F47 1988 | Location
  • Reallexikon fur Antike und Christentum (19 vols)
    Call Number: BR 95 K42 1950 | Location
  • Who's Who in Christianity

General Religious Studies Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Lexicons and Language Dictionaries

LBG (Lexicon zur byzantinischen Gräzität) - "The LBG is the foremost lexicographical resource in Byzantine Studies mainly covering the period from the 4th to the 15th century A.D. taken from more than 3,000 texts. Seven fascicles have appeared to date, with one more scheduled to appear in 2016. When completed the dictionary will consist of more than 2,000 printed pages, containing approx. 80,000 lemmata."

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