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Academic, Public, and School Library Collaborations

Why Collaborate?

"Building strong collaborations among schools, public libaries, university programs, and other organizations within our communities is paramount to our combined futures and our collective goals of literacy, universal education, and community empowerment"

Ritzo, Nam & Bruce, 2009.


"If collaboration does not take place, we hold students at ransom and limit them on their information quests because of institutional hurdles"

Ross Todd, 2009.

Building Together

This guide to school and academic library collaborations is a LIVING guide. 

It is just a start with many blanks needing to be filled.

We will build it together, over time, linking to new initiatives, projects, collaborations, research, reviews, and resources.

This is just a start. A first step.

Please provide comments, feedback, guidance.  Join the dialogue.  Become a collaborator.

Together we are stronger and we will make a difference for OUR children.


Continuing the Conversation

Continue the conversation. Write your "wishes" regarding school and academic library collaborations on our wall:

Contact Information

K. Alix Hayden, PhD
Education Librarian
Libraries & Cultural Resources
University of Calgary

Barbara Brydges,
Director, Doucette Library of Teaching Resources
Libraries & Cultural Resources
University of Calgary

Erin Hansen,
Research & Learning Commons
Calgary Board of Education