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Media Creation Resources

E-book resources (UofC only)

Books 24x7 IT Pro

  • A leading provider of web-based digital technical and business reference content, containing thousands of digitized "best-in-class" reference books, research reports, documentation and articles.
  • ITPro provides both broad and deep coverage of over 100 different technology topics, including Design and Multimedia [Subtopics: 3-D Graphics (74), Audio (30), CAD (50), Desktop Publishing (23), Digital Photography (1), General Design (36), Illustration (28), Image Editing (43), Multimedia (94), Photoshop (22), Streaming Media (21) ]

Safari Tech Books Online

  • A library of books on information technology, digitized and made available by Safari Tech Books Online in conjunction with the original publishers.
  • This is a great collection of computer manuals on almost any topic and at any level.
  • Publishers include Cisco, O'Reilly, Microsoft Press, Sun, etc.
  • mobile version - beta

Safari Books Online has more than 700 videos featuring:

  • Desktop and web applications
  • Digital media
  • Engineering
  • Information technology