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Education - Mindful Ways of Seeing and Selecting Resources - Student Conference 2014

Why use manipulatives, experiments, labs and models

"There should be materials in the classroom that provide opportunities for students to manipulate, build, or encounter other hands-on experiences."

"Implicit learning, which includes body and hand-on learning, is lasting, independent of age, easy to acquire, ctoss-cultural, and independent of measures of intelligence."

"Brain activity and the use of the hands are so interrelated and complicated that there is not one brain theory that explains it."

         -- from: Worksheets Don't Grow Dendrites by Marcia Tate, p.44. (371.39 TaW 2003) - author has derived these rationales from various educators that are listed in her bibliography.

Help with evaluating audio-visual resources

This one is pretty thin, I admit.  But the checklist from the guide below is pretty good.