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Education - Mindful Ways of Seeing and Selecting Resources - Student Conference 2014

Answer to everything?

I worry that new teachers will think that the Internet will be the answer to solving their resource woes.  Ease of access and expediency are two valid reasons why a teacher might think this and in fact, go the web for all their resource needs.  But these might not always be the only reasons a teacher should use the internet.

It's a worry to me because the quality and consistency of resources is varied.  You can't always trust what you find on the web.  A slick looking website can hide erroneous information and biases.

Good teaching means looking for interesting resources in many places.  Overuse of any kind of resource may become tiresome.  Mixing it up is good.

Also, as teachers you will be teaching your students internet savvy, too.  Stories abound about fact finding projects where student come across sites that are inappropriate, have a particular slant, present opinions as facts and other questionable materials that students don't realized as being less than stellar.

Teachers, welcome to the world of information literacy.

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