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Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) Collection

The Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) collection is housed at the University of Calgary in the basement of the Gallagher Library (Earth Sciences 170).

Gems from the AINA collection

Did you like Steig Larsson? Try these Swedish titles from the AINA collection:

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Limiting to titles just in AINA

Once you have put in your search request into the search box, scroll dow and click on See all results.

On the left-hand side of the page check  Content Type Book / eBook and library location to Gallagher Library, Taylor Family Digital Library (TFDL) and Archives and Special Collections, this will limit your search to books in the AINA Collection. To find AINA material that is stored in the High Density Library, you must have a library location of TFDL.

Arctic poppy

Papaver radicatum (arctic poppy) taken at the Canadian Wildlife Service Research Station, Polar Bear Pass, Bathurst Island, photograph by Masaki Hayashi, University of Calgary.