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Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) Collection

The Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) collection is housed at the University of Calgary in the basement of the Gallagher Library (Earth Sciences 170).

Books from Special Collections

Packing up Chilkoot Pass

In 1897 the cry reverberated around the world heralding the arrival of the SS Portland in Seattle – just two days after the SS Excelsior had arrived in San Fransisco – each carrying newly rich miners from the recently discovered Klondike Gold Fields in the remote northern reaches of western North America. And the rush to the Klondike was on! Photo from Yukon Archives.

AINA books in the University of Calgary's Special Collections

As many items in the AINA collection are rare, they have been transferred to the University of Calgary's Special Collections for preservation. Items in Special Collection are searchable through the University of Calgary Library Catalogue.

The collection is available to researchers for library use only in the the Reading Room (TFDL 520). As much of the Special Collections' collection is held off-site they require clients to give 1-2 days notice to retrieve the material. Please contact them at to make arrangements.

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Limiting to Special Collections

Put in your search, in this case Northwest Passage, and then click on see all results.


Once  you have clicked on See all results, scroll down to you see Library Location and click on more to just get the material that is in Special Collections, click on Exclued, this will exclude everything and now click on includes Archives and Special Collections and only the material in Special Collections will appear.


Salix arctica (arctic willow)

Salix Arctica (Arctic willow) taken near the Canadian Wildlife Service, Polar Bear Pass, Bathurst Island, by Dr. Masaki Hayashi, University of Calgary.