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Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) Collection

The Arctic Institute of North America (AINA) collection is housed at the University of Calgary in the basement of the Gallagher Library (Earth Sciences 170).

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Jens Munk rose

The Jens Munk rose (medium pink Hybrid Rugosa) was bred by Dr. Felicitas Svejda and introduced by Agriculture Canada in 1979 to honour the explorer Jens Munk.

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Map of Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay

Map of Hudson Strait And Hudson Bay 1624 by Jens Munck, 1924. [facsimile]. [1:17,740,800]. In: C.C.A. Gosch. The Expedition of Captain Jens Munk to Hudson's Bay in Search of a North-West Passage in 1619-20. London: Hakluyt Society, 1897. As reproduced by, Danish Arctic Expeditions, 1605 to 1620, Book II, vol. 97. This small, crude map was prepared by the Danish sea captain Jens Munck, to accompany his account of his journey, undertaken in 1619-1620, to search for a Northwest Passage. It is significant as it is the first published map to show the west coast of Hudson Bay, and therefore to depict Manitoba territory, obtained by actual exploration. The map was drawn with the south at the top and it extends in coverage from the south tip of Greenland on the left, to the west coast of Hudson Bay on the right. Hudson Bay is named Mare Christian, in honour of King Christian IV of Denmark. The only named Manitoba location is a rounded bay on the west coast, with which is associated the inscription, "Munkenes Winterhauen," Munck's wintering place, which has been identified as Churchill harbour. Just to the south is a large funnel-shaped bay which is undoubtedly the grossly enlarged estuary of the Nelson river and the bay into which it flows. (Warkentin and Ruggles. Historical Atlas of Manitoba. map 3, p. 24) Original manuscript and map in University Library, Copenhagen, (MS. Additamenta, No. 184).