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Greek and Roman Studies


  • Arachne -  "central Object database of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) and the Archaeological Institute of the University of Cologne"
  • ArtStor -  ~1 million high-resolution digital images of art, architecture, and culture with educational use permissions.  NOTE you can limit your results to a particular time period
  • Internet Archive - over 6 million out of print books have been digitized, many of the works dealing with the classical period contain valuable images, for example, Historical Greek Coins
  • Beazley Archive, "the world's largest collection of images of ancient figure-decorated pottery".
  • Creative Commons
  • Europeana  - can limit to images that can be copied with attribution
  • Munich Digital Archives  - images of life in Ancient Egypt
  • Robertin Database -   "ceramics and small art of the ancient cultures of Greece, Rome and Egypt" from the collections of the Martin Luther University

See also Society for Classical Studies lists of web resources for images.


World History in Video  - includes a number of documentaries on Greece and Rome

Films on Demand -   includes videos on the classical world.  Over 800 segments retrieved with keyword search "rome" and over 1,000 segments with search for "roman".

See also Video Guide

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