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Aboriginal Veterans & Soldiers

Suggested Resources
General Canadian Works
•  Canadian Forces and Aboriginal peoples (Les Forces canadiennes et les Peoples autochtones) . Dept. of National Defence: Ottawa ON, 2003. 11 p., illustrated (General description of push to recruit aboriginals into the Canadian forces)
•  Gaffen, Fred. Forgotten soldiers . Theytus Books: Penticton BC, 1985. 152 p., illustrated (History of Canadian aboriginal participants in World War I and II; includes all services)
•  Moses, John, with Donald Graves and Warren Sinclair. A sketch account of Aboriginal peoples in the Canadian military . Dept. of National Defence, Directory of Heritage and History: Ottawa ON, 2004
•  Russell, Bill. Indian Affairs records at the National Archives of Canada : a source for genealogical research. Ontario Genealogical Society: Toronto ON, 1998. 104 p., illustrated ( Includes guides to military records)
•  Simpkins, Maureen. “The sniper in the shadows” Beaver 1998 78:4 pp.17-21 (Role of native Canadian veterans in both world wars)
•  Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples. The Aboriginal soldier after the wars. Chair: Raynell Andreychuk. Senate of Canada: Ottawa, 1995. (Includes names and affadivits from veterans)
•  Summerby, Janice. Native soldiers, foreign battlefields . Government of Canada Veterans Affairs: Ottawa, 1993. 48 p., illustrated. ( A history of Canada's aboriginal soldiers)
Up to 1800
•  Graymont, Barbara. The Iroquois in the American Revolution . Syracuse University Press: Syracuse NY, 1972.
•  Kelsay, Isabel Thompson. Joseph Brant, 1743-1807 : man of two worlds . Syracuse University Press: Syracuse NY, 1986 (Mohawk war chief who fought for the British in the American Revolution)
•  MacLeod, D. Peter. The Canadian Iroquois and the Seven Year's War . Dundurn Press: Toronto ON, 1996.
•  Portraits of Thayendanegea, Joseph Brant. Burlington Cultural Centre: Burlington ON, 1993. 36 p. ( Catalogue of an exhibition of portraits of Brant)
•  Wood, Louis Aubrey. The war chief of the Six Nations; a chronicle of Joseph Brant. Glasgow, Brook: Toronto ON, 1914. 95 p.
NOTE: Many other accounts of Joseph Brant have been published.
War of 1812
•  Benn, Carl. The Iroquois in the War of 1812 . University of Toronto Press: Toronto ON, 1999.
•  Eckert, Allan W. A sorrow in our heart: the life of Tecumseh . Bantam Books: New York, 1993. 1068 p. (Life of the Shawnee chief, ally of the British)
•  Graves, Donald. Field of glory: the Battle of Crysler's Farm, 1813. Robin Brass Studio: Toronto, 1999 ( Includes listing of native soldiers fighting for the British)
•  Graves, Donald. Red coats & grey jackets: the Battle of Chippawa, 5 July 1814. Robin Brass Studio: Toronto, 1994. ( Includes native warriors killed, p.180)
•  Hitsman, J. Mackay. Incredible War of 1812 : a military history . 2 nd edition revised & edited by Donald Graves. Robin Brass Studio: Toronto, 1999 (Includes section by Carl Benn on native military forces)
NOTE: Many other accounts of Tecumseh have been published.
Gordon Relief Expediton (1884-1885)
•  Jackson, Louis. Our Caughnawagas in Egypt : a narrative of what was seen and accomplished by the contingent of North American Indian voyageurs who led the British boat expedition for the relief of Khartoum up the cataracts of the Nile . Drysdale: Montreal PQ, 1885. 27 p. (republished CIHM microfiche)
•  MacLaren, Roy. Canadians on the Nile, 1882-1898 : being the adventures of the voyageurs on the Khartoum relief expedition and other exploits. UBC Press: Vancouver BC, 1978. xix, 184 p., illustrated
World War One
•  Ahenakew, Erasmus. Address delivered by the Rev. E. Ahenakew: at the annual meeting of the Women's Auxiliary held in the city of Prince Albert, Sask., on Wednesday, June 16 th , 1920. Battleford Press: Battleford SK, 1920? 7 p. ( A discussion of native soldiers in World War I)
•  Batten, Jack. The Man who ran faster than everyone : the story of Tom Longboat . Tundra Books: Toronto ON, 2002. 104 p. ( Longboat, an Onondaga, served with the CEF in France)
•  Bell, Stephen. “The Timber Wolf Battalion and Hill 70” Canadian Military History 1996, 5:1, pp.73-78 ( The 107 th battalion, with a large native contingent, fought throughout World War One)
•  Dempsey, Hugh A. “In the War the Indian Excelled but peace restored his despair” The Great War and its consequences , edited by Ted Byfield. United Western Communications: Edmonton AB, 1995, chapter 2
•  Dempsey, L. James. “ The Indians and World War One” Alberta History 1983 31:3 pp.1-8
•  Dempsey, L. James. “ Problems of Western Canadian Indian War Veterans after World War One," Native Studies Review , 5:2, 1989.
•  Dempsey, L. James. “A Warrior's Robe Alberta History 2003 51:4 pp18-22. ( Blood Indian Mike Mountain Horse' war experience depicted in traditional style)
•  Dempsey, L. James. Warriors of the King : Prairie Indians in World War I . Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina: Regina SK, 1999. viii, 123 p., illustrated ( A detailed account of natives serving and on reserves during the first World War)
•  Kidd, Bruce. Tom Longboat . Fitzhenry & Whiteside: Don Mills ON. 1980. 63 p. ( Longboat first served in the 107 th Battalion; see also: Batten, Jack; Littlechild, Wilton; Bell, Stephen)
•  Littlechild, Wilton. Tom Longboat : Canada's outstanding Indian athlete . University of Alberta Thesis: Edmonton AB. 1975
•  St. G. Walker, James W. “Race and recruitment in World War One: enlistment of visible minorities in the Canadian Expeditionary Force” Canadian Historical Review , 70:1, 1989, 16+
•  Scott, Duncan Campbell. “The Canadian Indians and the Great World War” Canada in the Great World War , v.3. United Publishers of Canada: Toronto, 1919, pp.285+
•  Titley, E. Brian. Narrow vision : Duncan Campbell Scott and the Administration of Indian Affairs in Canada . UBC Press: Vancouver BC, 1995. (reprint) (Scott was Indian Affairs agent during the first World War)
•  The voice of the knight and his lady – St. George and Waneita : other poems and historic truths, written for the Brant Battalions and the Six Nation Indian Warriors; issued for the Red Cross and Patriotic Purposes. Aryan Society: Brantford ON, 1918? (World War 1 fund raising effort)
World War Two
•  Davison, Janet. We shall remember – Canadian Indians and World War II. Trent University (Peterborough ON) Thesis, 1993. 282 p. (Contributions of natives to military service and the war effort generally)
•  Dempsey, L. James. “Alberta's Indians and the Second World War” For King and country: Alberta in the Second World War , edited by Ken Tingley. Reidmore Books: Edmonton, 1995
•  Lamouche, Carrielynn. “Face of Service: Alberta Metis in the Second World War” For King and country: Alberta in the Second World War , edited by Ken Tingley. Reidmore Books: Edmonton, 1995
•  Linnen, Harvey J., ed. Remembrances: Metis veterans ; interviews with Metis Veterans, compiled by Dave Hutchinson, Anne Dorion & Rick Desjarlais. Gabriel Dumont Institute of Metis Studies & Applied Research: Regina SK, 1994. ix, 130 p., illustrated. (Oral histories of Saskatchewan Metis who enlisted in World War II)
•  Sealey, D. Bruce and Peter Van de Vyvere. Thomas George Prince . Peguis: Winnipeg, 1981. 52 p., illustrated (Prince, an Ojibway, served with the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry in World War II and Korea)
•  Sheffield, R. Scott. “Reconstructing the Indian: the Second World War, reconstruction and the image of the “Indian” in English Canada, 1943-1945. Canadian Military History Since the 17 th Century / L'histoire miitaire canadienne depuis le XVIIe siecle: proceedings of the Canadian Military History Conference, Ottawa, 2000. Dept. of National Defence, Directory of Heritage and History: Ottawa ON, 2001. vi, 591 p. (pp. 523+)
•  Stanley Venne, Muriel, editor. Our women in uniform. Lead writer/researcher: P. Gayle McKenzie; writer, Ginny Belcourt Todd. Institute for the Advancement of Aboriginal Women: Edmonton AB, 2003. x, 85, illustrated ( First-hand accounts of Alberta aboriginal women in the Canadian forces in World War Two and after)
•  Stevenson, Michael D. “The mobilization of native Canadians during the second World War” Journal of the Canadian Historical Association , 1996, New series, v.7, pp.20-226.