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'Dutch War Brides', and 'The Maple Leaf and the Tulip' open at the Founders' Gallery

May 5 is Dutch Liberation Day and this year is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Holland during the Second World War, in which Canada was key.

Tri-Agency Open Access Policy

Research Services, along with Libraries and Cultural Resources, will host information sessions this month to support University of Calgary researchers on compliance with Canada's new Tri-Agency Open Access Policy.

Author of University of Calgary Press book awarded prestigious Canada Prize

Dominique Perron, a recently retired associate professor in the Department of French, Italian and Spanish, has won a prestigious 2015 Canada Prize for her stereotype-defying French language book on Alberta’s oil industry, L’Alberta autophage: identités, mythes et discours du pétrole dans l’Ouest canadien

Study support, health and wellness at the Taylor Family Digital Library

Wellness activities involving stress-relief balls, origami, and Wii were all a part of W2RAP Up, an event that took place in the Taylor Family Digital Library on April 7 and 8.

Technology fine-tunes geoscience students' spatial skills

Touch-table technology in the library is being put to the test as a tool for honing the spatial and visualization skills of geoscience students.

CTV Calgary: Exploring inner workings of retro video games

John Aycock, associate professor in the Department of Computer Science, pictured here with Dylan Tetrault, Consultant, Digital Media Commons, in the Visualization Studio in the Taylor Family Digital Library.

Remembering the Brentwood tragedy

Memory page available for those wishing to share their thoughts and reflect on anniversary of tragic loss of five young people

Robert Thirsk: TFDL more than just a place to house books

Robert Thirsk's blogs about his tour of the TFDL.

HIGHLIGHT: Library and Archives, The Military Museums of Calgary

The University of Calgary operates the Library and Archives at The Military Museums of Calgary, which has over 20,000 items related to military history and strategic studies with an emphasis on Canada. Collections document everything from the history of warfare and peacekeeping operations to training and weaponry. Housed in this library is the Chicksands Collection, one of the largest collections of military-related texts in a Canadian academic library.

Register for a 2 hour, hands-on Thesis Formatting workshop

One of the most daunting tasks that a Graduate Student faces is writing a thesis. The Faculty of Graduate Studies has prepared an extensive set of guidelines to assist you in preparing your thesis for submission. The actual formatting of your thesis can be a challenge so set of templates have been developed to assist you through this preparation process, allowing you to concentrate on the writing rather than worrying about all of the formatting rules.

Falcon Cam returns for 2015 with return of 2 adults

2 adult falcons have been spotted on the ledge this spring. Both adults have 2 bands each on either talon, we are guessing they are 'Callie' and 'Gary'. U/2 on band would be female, Callie, and 3/6 VV for male, Gary.