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TFDL to host weekend-long national coding spree

For the second year in a row, the University of Calgary will host dozens of coding enthusiasts for the Canadian Open Data Experience (CODE). CODE is a national app development competition and the Taylor Family Digital Library is the Calgary hub. The goal of the competition is to help young entrepreneurs gain industry knowledge and connections so they can bring their ideas to market.

Chuck Humphrey presentation on establishing a national digital platform February 9th in the Gallery Hall

Chuck Humphrey of Portage Network to speak Feb. 9 about developments in research data management

Founders' Gallery exhibit documents Iran's political and social upheaval

In Iran where they were born, they’re known as the “Burnt Generation,” having grown up amidst scorching political events from the 1979 Iranian evolution to the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war in which a million people were killed.

Every bank note tells a story

When you haul out your wallet or dig in your pocket for a fiver, you’re more likely thinking about what you’re about to buy than the story behind the symbols and pictures on the bills.

Art and Meditation at the Nickle

Held in conjunction with the Student’s Union Stress-Less Week. Find relief from papers, labs, and exams with Chelsea Rushton, who will guide body-focused yoga nidra meditations in the Nickle Galleries.

LCR Next: Strategic Directions

Realizing Eyes High is a statement of vision for next-generation libraries based on the University’s Eyes High foundational commitments. This high-level statement of strategic direction, combined with enabling capacities necessary for their realization, reflects the changing nature of organizational planning, emphasizing agility, responsiveness, innovation, and impact.