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GIS & Spatial Data

Spatial data resources of interest to the University of Calgary community
locked Indicates restricted to U of C students and faculty for academic use.

Some files are now available on our file server:



locked City of Calgary Data

City of Calgary Public Data Catalogue

Calgary Herald Project Calgary Data Centre

locked Satellite Imagery

  • SPOT, 2003, panchromatic 2.5 metre - tiff format
  • DMTI Satellite Street View (Quick Bird) 2002 - tiff

locked Digital Orthophotos

City of Calgary area:

  • 2010 - city and surrounding area - colour, 0.3 metre, MrSid format
  • 2006 - city and surrounding area - colour, 0.3 metre, MrSid format
  • 2005 - river floodplain - panchromatic, 1 m, tiff format
  • 2003 - colour, 0.5 m, ecw format
  • 2001 - city and surrounding area - colour, 0.5 m, ecw sample jpg of U of C campus
  • 1999 - colour, 0.5 m

Local area:


locked Alberta geospatial data from AltaLIS acquired by the GEODE consortium

  • Property : Cadastral, Dispositions, Title, ATS Linework & Coordinates
  • Base : 1:20,000 and province-wide Base Features and Historic Base
  • Terrain : 1:20,000 and province-wide DEMs

locked IHS Energy - geospatial data for Alberta and western provinces, energy focus

  • Alberta pipelines and wells
  • Culture Data
  • Environmental Data
  • Geopolitical Data
  • Transportation Infrastructure Data



locked   ArcCanada - Canada and International GIS data

  • small scale data for various themes

locked DMTI Spatial - Canada wide GIS data acquired by the SMART Consortium



Satellite Imagery

GIS Portals

GeoBC geospatial data portal from the BC Government Natural Resource sector

GeoSask portal for Saskatchewan maps and geographic information

Manitoba Land Initiative free geospatial data portal for Manitoba

Geomatics Yukon Yukon spatial data and geomatics support

GeoBase free Canada-wide geospatial data portal focusing on base data

GeoConnections Discovery Portal national partnership program for geospatial data

GeoGratis free Canada-wide geospatial data portal focusing on thematic data - popular products:


locked ESRI Data & Maps - Worldwide GIS data

  • small scale data for various themes


  • country level data: administrative boundaries, roads, railroads, altitude, land cover, population density

Global GIS Database

  • small scale data (1:1 million or 1 km resolution) for various themes
  • seven CD's organized by world regions

LandInfo Global GIS Data Bundle

Natural Earth - free vector and raster map data at 1:10m, 1:50m, and 1:110m scales

North American Environmental Atlas - from the Commission for Environmental Cooperation

United Nations Environment Programme GEO Data Portal - Global, National, Regional GIS data

  • themes include freshwater, population, forests, emissions, climate, etc


Census Data

Social Data


Climate Data  


Hydrometric (water) Data - discharge (flow), water level, sediment load, by station