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The Digitization unit, through professional leadership and innovative use of technological applications, supports the research and teaching mission of the University of Calgary, and strives to preserve significant and unique scholarly materials that contribute to the advancement of fields of study, and the cultural heritage of Albertan communities. Through collaboration with external partners, and internal departments such as the University of Calgary Archives and Special Collections, and the Nickle Arts Museum our digital initiatives projects create online tools that will aid with research and contribute to an expanding communal body of knowledge.

We work closely with subject experts to create:

  • Unique digital collections that showcase University of Calgary library, museum, and archival primary holdings in many formats
  • Collections of interest to Albertans and Canadians
  • Educational resources that support use of these collections across the curriculum

In support of research and scholarship, PRISM: University of Calgary's Digital Repository provides the means to share our scholarly output openly with the world:

  • Archiving documents and associated files, accessing them through major search engines, and tracking usage
  • Complying with granting agency mandates and university policies
  • Managing and preserving documents through the lifecycle of digital curation



All digital files in CONTENTdm and PRISM must contain these metadata fields:

Label Dublin Core Definition
Title title Name given to the resource
Author creator Responsible entity for the making of the resource. Person, organization or service.
Institution publisher.corporate Entity responsible for making the resource available in its digital form.


Collection to which the resource belongs


date.created (auto generated)

date.lastmodified (auto generated)

Date issued: date of intellectual creation

Date Created: date of digitization

Date Last Modified: date the digitized file was last changed

Subject subject Topic of the content of the resource. Should be controlled vocabulary or keyword. Preferably using LCSH/LCNA & Canadian Subject Headings & RVM (French Canadian)
Type type Nature or genre of the content of the resource (Standard tbd)
Language language.iso ISO three letter
Rights rights url pointing to policy page

Technical Specifications

The University of Calgary employs standards consistent with academic and industry practice for digitization.

Type Requirements
  • TIFF with LZW compression
  • 300 dpi dependent on content of original materials
  • Black & White documents 8-bit greyscale
  • Colour documents 24-bit RGB
Archival Copies Two identical copies, one for a master and a second for backup in separate physical locations.
PDF requirements
  • PDF/A
  • RGB
  • Fast Web View
  • Tagged
  • Optical Character Recognition (either using Adobe Acrobat or scanning software)
Minimum Display Sizes

For collections in CONTENTdm:

  • Images: 640 x 480
  • Text: 800 x 600
Standard Navigation

All collections in CONTENTdm will utilize the following navigation items:

  • Home
  • Browse
  • Search
  • My Favorites
  • Help
  • About
  • Feedback

Additional navigational items can be added.


Type Used For
Panasonic KV-S4085C Text documents
Xerox Documate 752 Text documents, Newspapers, Magazines, Delicate materials, Photographs, Books, Oversize items
Epson Expression 10000XL Text documents, Newspapers, Magazines, Delicate materials, Photographs, Books, Oversize items
Microtek Scanmaker 1000XL plus Text documents, Newspapers, Magazines, Delicate materials, Photographs, Books, Microform, Slides, Oversize items
Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 Microform, Slides
Kirtas APT Bookscan Books