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Mixed Audio-Visual Collection

A small mixed collection of around 3800 items:

  • Around 1600 music sound recordings that accompany classified music instructional or song books; music history books; or music journals, with the print part often housed in the stacks (sound recording content is often useful on its own); music education kits; special formats, e.g. Proms programs; etc.
  • 1500 language and literature items which are either standalone media or media accompanying books, especially spoken-word sound recordings, e.g. poems, plays or books in audio format; language learning from German to Hindi; and dialect/accent sound recordings for actors
  • Around 200 visual art items which either are or have accompanying media, e.g. art image CDs, art DVDs with both video and text; which contain loose parts such as portfolios; or which have other special characteristics, such as accompanying 3D objects, including a handful of artists books
  • Around 1500 items representing other disciplines from science to politics, items that either are standalone media or have accompanying media, e.g. CDs of 2003 International gambling conference, cassettes of Canada task force on barriers to women in the public service, costume slide sets, educational videos, and sound effects of nature