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Using the Studio

Vis WallThe Visualization Studio is designed for use by faculty, graduate students and other collaborators. University of Calgary faculty may book the Visualization Studio for up to seven consecutive days by contacting The studio is locted on the fourth floor of the TFDL, room 466b, and is accessible at booked times through key-card (your U of C UNICard), allowing use of the room any time the library is open. Key-card access maintains the room as a secure environment. The studio does not have windows, allowing sensitive materials such as unpublished research results, study data or proprietary information, to be viewed without observation by passers-by.

The Visualization Studio is intended to support research comprehensively from start to finish. As a consequence, this facility is a tremendous resource for in-depth analysis and pouring over data, and for showcasing research. A variety of tables and chairs are available to accommodate such activities within the studio.

John BroszThe Visualization Studio is managed by Visualization Research Coordinator, John Brosz, who is on site and ready to help with any technical issues. John helps prepare data sources and configure the software environment to ensure that your time in the studio is spent as efficiently and effectively as possible. John's PhD in computer science and background in visualization research make him a valuable asset in pushing research to the cutting edge.

If you are planning to use PowerPoint to present in the Visualization Studio please download and start from the following template. It has been adjusted to match the dimensions of the visualization studio and contains tips and guidelines to make designing for the Studio’s display wall easier.

For bookings or more information, contact