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Systematic Reviews Workshop Series - companion guide

This guide is where materials and slides from the Systematic Reviews workshop series will be posted.

Systematic Review workshop series description

A series of three, 2-2.5 hour workshops that are focused on

·         Workshop 1: Setting Yourself Up For Success 
The workshop will cover what is needed to plan your systematic review (or other evidence synthesis review) and create a review protocol that can be used to guide you through the review process. This is a hands-on session where attendees will work on activities throughout, in order to engage with the content and learn the related skills. 

·         Workshop 2: Developing Your Data Collection Strategy 
This workshop will cover the key concepts/skills needed to create a data collection strategy for your review project. Creating a comprehensive search strategy that is designed to capture as many relevant studies as possible and is validated using a test set, is similar to designing your data collection method in an experimental study. It requires careful planning as well as knowledge of how databases work. This is a hands-on session. 

·         Workshop 3: The Next Steps: Translating, tracking, reporting and study selection 
This workshop will cover the remaining steps of the data collection phase of your systematic review/knowledge synthesis review project and introduce you to the study selection process. This is a hands-on session. 


The Spring 2021 offering of the workshop series will be on May 3rd, 10th, and 17th, 2021. The sessions will be held via Zoom and will not be recorded. Registration links are shown below.

Workshop 1:

Workshop 2:

Workshop 3:

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