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Technology Lending at Business Library

Additional supplies and electronics that patrons are able to borrow at our library. Unlike other library materials, these materials can only be returned to the Business Library.


Laptops are available for loan.

Laptops are loaned for a 3 hour time period and may be renewed once after which time the battery will need to be recharged. Laptops may leave the library.

There is a $750 replacement fee in the event that a laptop is lost, stolen, damaged beyond repair, or not returned to the library.


The library has a collection of calculators available for loan.

These calculators are 24 hour loans, which patrons may renew in person at the Business Library.

Patrons may leave the library with a borrowed calculator.

Chargers for Laptops & Cell Phones

The Business Library will loan out chargers for laptops and cell phones. The chargers may leave the library.

Chargers have a 3 hour loan period.

USB Keys

The USB keys available for loan at the Business Library may leave the library.

Patrons may borrow our USB keys for 24 hours.

Before returning USB keys to the Business Library, please be sure to wipe them of any material added.

Headphone Sets

We ask that all patrons use headphones when using audio material in the Business Library. To assist, we have headphone sets available for loan.

These headphones are available for 2 hour loan, and may be renewed as necessary until the Business Library closes.

USB Mice

To assist in the use of our laptops, patrons may borrow a mouse.

The mice are 2 hour loans, and can be renewed as needed until the library closes.

General studying supplies

We are willing to loan out small items such as pencils, pens, highlighters, markers, erasers and white-out as needed.

We generally accept pieces of ID, or another item of value, as temporary deposits until the item is returned.