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Indigenous Studies

Native Canada Portal

This portal brings together a number of digital collections with strong emphasis on the aboriginal people of Canada. View clips from four films from the ANCS (Alberta Native Communication Society) film collection, find out which traditional medicinal plant may be used for headaches, read about the Blackfoot Ghost dance under folklore or even learn how to write in Dene Suline (Chipewyan) using the Dr. Eung-do Cook fonds. The possibilities are educational and entertaining.

Links within the university to appropriate departments, faculties and centres are also noted.

Created by Libraries and Cultural Resources Digital Initiatives.

Link to list of films through Catalogue

ANCS (Alberta Native Communication Society) film collection is a nationally-significant film collection documents a part of Canadian history and national life, especially as it pertains to the production of fiction and documentary films and television programs on the history and development of the First Nations.   The date range of the collection is 1946 to 1988, with most titles falling between 1973 and 1985.   Thanks to a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, selected titles have been converted to DVD.


National Aboriginal Documents Database

The National Aboriginal Document Database can be used for research projects such as documenting land claims, or for studying independent Statutes and Acts, Treaties and Court Decisions. Content also includes links to additional information sites for First Nations in Canada and Native American sites in the United States. If you are looking for a specific document, try our search and see if it is in our database. This database is archived and no longer active but still serves as a good source.

Websites for primary sources related to North American indigenous peoples

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