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Biological Sciences


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New Databases

PubMed Central Canada is a free digital archive of full-text, peer-reviewed health and life sciences literature based on PubMed Central, the archive developed by the US National Library of Medicine. The search interface allows anyone to browse, search and download articles

Try These Databases First

BIOSIS Previews | Tutorial
Indexes journals in the Biological and Life Sciences from 1980-.

PubMed | Tutorial
This service from the National Library of Medicine includes Health and Life Sciences journals from the 1950's.

Scopus | Tutorial
Scopus is a comprehensive interdisciplinary database that includes over 18,000 journals. 

Web of Science | Tutorial
Provides access to over 8700 journals from various disciplines from 1900-.


Google Scholar

Easy access to the peer-reviewed literature in the Biological Sciences

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Popular vs Scholarly Journals

Created by the Peabody Library at Vanderbilt University.

Other Biological Sciences Databases

  • Agricola
    Created by the National Agricultural Library, this database indexes agricultural literature from 1970.
  • BioMed Central
    Covers over 100 journals in the life and health sciences.
  • BioOne
    Coverage includes journals in the life and environmental sciences.
  • Encyclopedia of Life Sciences   (Recommended)
    This online encyclopedia is one of the most comprehensive sources in the life sciences. Provides very good background information.
  • Faculty of 1000
    This literature awareness tool reviews and evaluates the most significant papers published in the Biological Sciences.
  • Medline
    This database is produced by the National Library of Medicine and indexes journals in the health and the life sciences from 1966.

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