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(UofC only)

Artstor is an art, architecture, design, and culture image database consisting of over 1 million high-resolution digital images. It Includes QTVR (Quick Time Virtual Reality) 3-dimensional views of architectural sites and sculptures

Check out the online tutorials: YouTube ARTstor tutorials:

You must have an account in Artstor to download images, organize collections of images and to share these with other U of C users

Pidgeon Digital (UofC only)

  • An audiovisual collection (audio, video, and images) of illustrated talks by architects and designers.

Image Catalogue (UofC only)

  • 68,353 high resolution art, architecture, and culture images

Also UofC only:
The Bridgeman Art Library Archive
The Bridgeman History of Science
National Gallery Collection
The Visual English Dictionary - Includes architectural diagrams


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