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About the CHEM 425 Guide

This page provides a list of key information sources for industrial chemistry, including search terms, encyclopedias, dictionaries, suggested research databases, and handbooks.

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Most recent items added to our catalogue with call numbers starting with TP (industrial chemistry, essentially.)

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CHEM 425 Reference Texts


Textbook Search Tips

Textbooks aren't always listed as such in the catalogue. Instead, there are other indicators.

1. They usually have simple titles. Search the catalogue for a few keywords in the title, e.g. paleontology, microbiology, industrial chemistry, free radical chemistry, catalysis ...and then look for keywords like: introduction, principles, foundations, fundamentals, text, concepts...

2. Is it on a "reserve" list? Instructors often place supplemental texts "on reserve" for students to refer to. If you see Reserve as a location, the book may be useful to you as a text. This is even if it's not listed for your specific course. E.g. Organic Chemistry Principles and Industrial Practice

Check similar courses for reserve texts . (e.g. CHEM321, CHEM357, CHEM409, ENCH511, ENPE511...)


3. Is it a 2nd, 3rd, 4th... edition? Textbooks (notoriously) come out with successive editions. If the record you're looking at is for a 2nd, 3rd, etc. edition of a book, it may be a textbook. 


4. Are there multiple copies (not volumes) of the book? If so, the book may have been used as a text at UofC, and placed in Reserves, at one point. E.g. Organic Chemistry by Fox


5. Check the "A Look Inside" link. It may indicate that the book is a text. E.g. Organic chemistry principles and industrial practice


6. If no author is listed -  avoid that title - it is probably a journal, not a textbook. E.g. Catalysts & catalysed reactions


By subject/topic:

Encyclopedias & handbooks

  • Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology (online and print) Properties and manufacture of substances. It includes articles on "chemical substances—including their properties, manufacturing, and uses. It also focuses on industrial processes and unit operations in chemical engineering..."
  • Ullman's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry (online and print) "Subject areas include: inorganic and organic chemicals, advanced materials, pharmaceuticals, polymers and plastics, metals and alloys, biotechnology and biotechnological products, food chemistry, process engineering and unit operations, analytical methods, environmental protection, etc."
  • Chemical Formulary An oldie but a goodie. Available in print only: TP 151.A1 C45.  This 35 volume set has an index for the first 25 volumes but after that you have to look through each volume separately.  It provides ingredient lists for a wide range of industrial products including paints and coatings and pharmaceuticals.  Some of the formulations may be archaic and unsafe by today's standards.
  • Knovel A searchable collection of handbooks including Lange's Handbook of Chemistry, Hawley's Condensed Chemical Dictionary, Chemistry of the Elements, along with a number of other materials and manufacturing databooks.  If you select a book that states we do not have a subscription, check the Library Catalogue for this item, it means we either have a paper copy or an online subscription through another vendor. Knovel has also made many of its sources interactive with embedded analysis tools and the ability to export the data to the user's own files.
  • Reaxys (formerly CrossFire) Handbook of substance, reaction and citation information. It consists of the Beilstein Handbook for Organic Chemistry and the Gmelin Handbook for Inorganic Chemistry. The database is organized by chemical substance, with sub-headings (e.g. melting point, reactions, etc.) containing citation information. It can be searched using text, chemical structures or numerically.
  • Handbook of Electrochemistry (online)
  • Electrochemical Dictionary (print)
  • Physical Properties of Polymers Handbook A general handbook with background information on polymers.

Research databases

  • SciFinder - Comprehensive index to the journal and patent literature for chemistry and related disciplines, including substance data (REGISTRY), chemical reactions (CASREACT), chemical regulatory data (CHEMLIST), and chemical suppliers (CHEMCATS).  SciFinder can be searched using computers in the Chem Club Lab, the Information Commons or the Gallagher Library.  You can download the client software to your own laptop, but the database can only be searched from campus.
  • Compendex - This is mainly an engineering database, however there is good coverage of industrial chemistry.

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