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POLI: Political Science

Guide to resources, sources, and research (discovery) tools for those studying Political Science at the University of Calgary.

Introduction to "How To Use" Pages

These pages describe the tools available for finding information.  Click on the subtabs to find out more about:

  • Classic Catalogue (formerly Catalogue or Library Catalogue)
  • Databases (formerly Online Resources)
  • Library Search Box
  • Web (Internet)

What are Discovery Tools?

According to the Wikipedia, a tool is " a device that can be used to produce or achieve something, but that is not consumed in the process".  Discovery is "... the act of detecting something new".

Discovery Tools are those "devices", ie., resources that help in the detecting or finding of information. 

Other terms that are sometimes used include: 

  • Finding Tools
  • Library Tools
  • Research Tools
  • Search Tools

Discovery Tools at the University of Calgary Library

Although there are many Discovery Tools available for finding information, this guide will restrict itself to describing the following which are available at the University of Calgary Library or via The Internet:

  • Abstracting and Indexing Services
  • Bibliographies
  • Library Catalogues
  • Web-scale Discovery Tools
    • MultiSearch
    • Summon
  • The Web (Internet)

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