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POLI: Political Science

Guide to resources, sources, and research (discovery) tools for those studying Political Science at the University of Calgary.

Reference Books: How To Find

Reference books may be found using a variety of discovery tools including:

  • Library Search Box
  • Classic (Library) Catalogue
  • Online Resources

Here are some tutorials on using these tools to find Reference materials:

Reference Books

A Reference Book is one that is to be consulted but not read cover to cover.  Included are:

  • almanacs
  • atlases
  • bibliographies
  • biographical sources
  • catalogues
  • concordances
  • dictionaries
  • directories
  • discographies and filmographies
  • encyclopedias
  • glossaries
  • handbooks
  • indexes
  • manuals
  • research guides
  • yearbooks

Reference materials are usually kept together on the shelves in a Reference Collection, which consists of Library Use Only items.

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