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POLI: Political Science

Guide to resources, sources, and research (discovery) tools for those studying Political Science at the University of Calgary.

Bibliographies: An Introduction

What is a Bibliography?

The word "bibliography" is used in a variety of ways.  It may refer to:

  • List of references to sources that have been cited in an article or book. Also referred to as "Works Cited", "Reference Cited", etc.   These are usually found at the end of the article or book.  Sometimes they are found at the end of each chapter in a book.
  • List of sources by a specific author or on a specific subject. 
    • It may be comprehensive or selective
    • It may be published in a journal, in book form or on The Web 

What is an Annotated Bibliography?

A listing of sources that includes a short explanatory or evaluative note for each item in the listing.

Why Use Bibliographies?

Bibliographies are useful discovery tools because they have gathered together a variety of sources by a specific author, eg. John Stuart Mill or on a specific subject, eg.  terrorism

Bibliographies are sometimes great places to start research on a person or topic with which one is unfamiliar.

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