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Religious Studies

Guide to key sources for research in Religion


Databases include:

ATLA Religion Database
This is the major index to Religious studies articles.  Full text is available for a number of the journals.z

BILDI - index to books on journal articles on Biblical Studies

Elenchus of Biblica, formerly called Elenchus Bibliographicus Biblicus
Call Number:  BS 410 E52  | Location: 

New Testament Abstracts
- Also available in print: BS 410 N45
See "Biblical Translation" in the General section

Old Testament Abstracts,
- also available in print: BS 410 O42

Linguistics Abstracts Online, 1981-
- Excellent source to locate articles on Bible translation.

MLA Bibliography, 1963-
- Major index for literature and linguistics, good source to locate articles on Bible translation.


      Bible Translations: Dictionaries

      Encyclopaedia Judaica 16 vols
      - also available in print BM 50 E52 1971 (1st ed) and BM 50 E52 2007 (2nd ed)

      The Encyclopedia of Christianity
      Call Number:  BR 95 E8913  | Location  
      - See section "Bible Versions"

      Oxford Dictionary of the Christian Church
      Call Number: BR 95 08 1974  | Location

      The Anchor Bible Dictionary 6 vols
      Call Number: BS 440 A53 1992  |Location
      - See v. 6 "Versions" and "Theories of Translation"

      Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation
      Call Number: BS 440 D49 1990  | Location
      - See sections "Translation, Problems of" and "Translations"

      Dictionary of the Bible  5 vols
      Call Number: BS 440 H32  | Location
      - Edited by James Hastings
      - See v. 4 under "version"

      Dictionary of Biblical Interpretation 2 vols
      Call Number: BS 500 D53 1999 | Location
      - See section "Translation"

      Encyclopedia of Missions
      Call Number: BV 2040 E49 1975  | Location
      - See sections "Bible Translation" and "Bible Versions"

      Encyclopedia of Language and Linguistics 14 vols
      Call Number: P 29 E48 2006  | Location
      - See v. 1 under "Bible", "Bible Translation into Lesser Known Languages and "Bible Translation Ancient Versions"

      Routledge Encyclopedia of Translation Studies
       - See under "Bible, Jewish and Christian"- provides good overview of the history of translations and linguistic and sociolinguistic issues

      Dictionary of Biblical Tradition in English Literature
      Call Number: PR 149 B5 D52 1992  |  Location
      See esp. "The English Bible: A Brief History of Translation p. 875-880


        Bible Translation - links to a variety of resources on Bible translation

        Ethnologue - information on the world's languages including dates of earliest and most recent publications of the Bible.

        Resources Pages for Biblical Studies - see esp. "Bible Texts" and "Linguistic Resources"

        United Bible Societies - provides translation tools and includes link to Newsletter TICTALK which provides information on recent trends and publications that pertain to Bible translations

        Biblical Translation: Handbooks

        Multipurpose Tools for Bible Study
        BS 417 D34 1993  | Location

        Handbook of Biblical Criticism
        BS 417 S67 1981  | Location 
        - Good source of definitions for terms and concepts in the field of Biblical Studies

        Cambridge history of the Bible  3vols
        Call Number: BS 445 C3  |  Location
        - Good overview of the various translations
        - See "Bible and the Missionary" v.3 p. 383-407

        A Synopsis of the Four Gospels in a New Translation
        Call Number:  BS 2560 073 1982 | Location:


        Biblical Bibliography 1930-1983 3 vols
        Call Number: BS 410 L34 1972 | Location
        - See Table of Headings section at the back of v.3 under "Translations of the Bible"

        Historical Catalogue of the Printed editions of the Holy Scripture
        Call Number: BS410 .B73 H45 1968   | Location
        - Guide to the translations of the Bible in all languages

        An Introductory Bibliography for the Study of Scripture
        Call Number: BS 600.2 F56 1990 | Location

        Classified Bibliography to the Septuagint
        Call Number: BS 744 B74 1973 | Location

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