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Bibliographies: Judaism

There are many bibliographies of articles and books on Judaism. Use the Advanced Search option under the Library search box to  search for "Judaism"  limited to  subject field AND  "bibliography" limited to subject field.  Some examples of bibliographic works for Judaism include:

Martin Buber and his critics: an annotated bibliography of writings in English through 1978
Call Number: B 3213 B84 M65 1981 | Location

Islam, Hinduism and Judaism in South Africa : an annotated bibliography
Call Number:
BL 2470 S6 C43 1997 | Location

Griffiths, David B. A Critical Bibliography of Writings on Judaism 2 vols
Call Number:
BM 155.2 G74 1988  | Location

The Study of Judaism: Bibliographical Essays 2 vols
Call Number:
BM 40 S78  | Location

Jewish Law: Bibliography of sources and scholarship in English
Call Number:
BM 521 W44 1989  | Location

Spector, Sheila. Jewish mysticism: an annotated bibliography on the Kabbalah in English
Call Number:
BM 526 S74 1984  | Location

Shermis, Michael. Jewish-Christian Relations: an annotated bibliography and resource guide
Call Number:
BM 535 S44 1988 | Location

Ruud, Inger Marie. On Women and Judaism: a selective annotated bibliography
Call Number:
BM 729 W6R88 1988  | Location

Austieg und Niedergang der Romanishen Welt
Call Number: DG 209 T44 1972 v. 2 pt 19b | Location
-  "Midrash" p. 103-138
- "An Annotated bibliographical guide to the study of the Palestinian Talmud" p. 139-256
- "The Bablylonian Talmud" p. 257-336
- Index to this collection

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