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Thesis Guidelines for Geoscience Students

B.Sc. Honour's Thesis (GLGY 510 or GOPH 509)

  1. To register for GLGY 510 or GOPH 509, please complete the form available on the Geoscience website.  Please return this form to the Undergraduate Program Coordinator in ES-118.  

  2. To extend your library privileges from two weeks to a term loan, you will need to complete an Honours Thesis Form available from the Gallagher Library desk or from the Geoscience website and have your supervisor sign it.  Return it to the Gallagher Library. 

  3. Use the University of Calgary IT Thesis Template as a guideline to format your thesis.

  4. Unless otherwise specified, use in-text citations and follow Chicago Manual of Style for your reference cited list.  

  5. You and your supervisor can decide whether or not a copy of your thesis should be placed in the Gallagher Library.  If you plan to deposit a copy with the Gallagher Library, the library copy should be bound at the Student's Union Bound and Copied.  We request that the front and back covers are red stock (thick) paper with complete title page information on it and that the thesis is coil bound.

M.Sc. Thesis or PhD Dissertation  (Please note the changes as of Sept. 1, 2012)

  1. The Library offers courses about once per term on writing and formating your thesis.  You may take one of these courses free of charge.  Consult the workshop schedule.   

  2. Follow the guidelines for University of Calgary thesis set by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

  3. Use the University of Calgary IT Thesis Template as a guideline to format your thesis.

  4. As of September 29th, 2012, electronic thesis submission is mandatory for all students through the Faculty of Graduate Studies. 

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