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A guide to library research for students in History

Digital Books & Indexes

Searching the full text of books can also be effective, for that you can use the following databases.

Cambridge Histories Online Provides full text to the complete 250-plus volumes of Cambridge Histories series.

Ebrary  over 30,000 digital books on all topics including many works for religious studies

Oxford Scholarship Online - over 200 Oxford University Press religious studies books.

eScholarship Editions (University of California Digital Library): Over 500 texts are freely available

Medieval History databases often index books and book reviews (which can make you aware of books you may want to look up.


Catalogue Search


Finding Books by Subject

When looking for books on a particular topic in the library catalogue a subject browse search is one of the most effective approaches.  The following subjects not only provide a way for you to start these searches but will also give you some idea of how subjects are constructed so you can do more effective subject keyword searching (a good option when you are unsure of the exact subject heading).  You can also use bibliographies to identify useful books.

General Medieval Topics

  • civilization medieval
  • middle ages
    • middle ages 500-1500
    • middle ages 600-1500
  • carolingians history (or any other dynasty)
  • france history (or any other country)
  • europe history 476-1492
  • feudalism
  • medieval
    • medieval period
    • medieval 500-1500
    • medieval 400-1500
    • medieval and early moder

The Crusades

  • crusades
    • crusades fourth
    • crusades first
    • crusades later

Social History, Women, Family and Gender

  • social history medieval
  • women history middle ages
  • middle ages 500-1500 women
  • middle ages 600-1500 sex role

Bubonic Plague - Black Death

  • black death

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