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A guide to library research for students in History


Atlases are another important reference tool for historical research;  the best way to find them is do do a keyword subject catalogue search using "maps" and "medieval" as your search terms.  UofC students, staff and faculty have access to the collections at St. Mary's University College and Ambrose University College.  

Click Here to run the search mentioned above.

This is not necessarily an exhaustive list, try using the "maps" subject keyword with keywords such as "middle ages" or "crusades"

You could also start with one of the following Atlases:

Atlas of medieval Europe, David Ditchbum, Routledge, 2007 - e-book

Atlas of medieval Britain, Christopher Daniell, Routledge, 2008 - G1812.21 .S1 D3 2008 - MacKimmie Library Tower

An Atlas for Celtic Studies: archaeology and names in ancient Europe and early medieval Ireland, Britain, and Brittany. John T. Koch, Oxbow, 2007 - CB206 .K634 2007 - MacKimmie Library Tower


To find chronologies relating to medieval history trying searching the catalogue for:

General Encyclopedias, Dictionaries, Biographies, and Handbooks

Some of the best encyclopedias and dictionaries are those found in the Cambridge and Oxford digital collections (see below this box for more specific resources)

The library has a large number of encyclopedia.  One of the best ways to identify them is do a title keyword search in the library catalogue using terms such as "medieval AND encyclopedia" or "middle ages AND encyclopedia"; or any of your key terms.  Click on the links to perform the searches

The library also has a number of historical dictionaries beyond those contained in the Oxford Reference Online set. They can be searched for in a the same manner as the encyclopedias, only using "dictionary" as a keyword along with such terms as "medieval" or "middle ages". Click on the links to perform the searches mentioned.

Some items that will now show up in the suggested searches above include: (items will normally be on 2nd Flr. of Library Block).

  • The rise of the medieval world, 500-1300: a biographical dictionary, Jana K. Schulman, Greenwood, 2002. e-book
  • Handbook to life in the medieval world, Madeline Cosman, Facts On File, CB351 .C668 2008 (v.1-3)
  • Handbook to life in medieval and early modern Japan, William E. Deal, Facts On File, DS822.2 .D33 2006
  • The A to Z of Byzantium, John Rosser, Scarecrow Press, DF552 .R67 2006
  • The Hutchinson Encyclopedia of the Renaissance, David Rundle, Helicon, 2005. e-book
  • Encyclopedia of barbarian Europe: society in transformation, Michael Frassetto, ABC-CLIO, D135 .F73 2003
  • Great lives from history.  The Middle Ages, 477-1453, Shelly Wolbrink, Salem Press, CT114 .G74 2005 (v.1-2)

Encyclopedias etc. for Gender and The Crusades

Gender: Works dealing with gender are covered by several different subject terms including "sex role", "sex", "women", "social history", and "gender".  To get some central resources try searching for the keywords: women "middle ages" enecyclopedia

Crusades: To find dictionaries, encyclopedias and the like on the cursades you can do a keyword search for "crusades" and either "encyclopedias" or "dictionaries"

(click on the links to run the suggested searches)

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