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A guide to library research for students in History

Subject Guide

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Medieval Women & Families

In addition to the keyword "sources" you can also use terms like: family, sex, marraige, and women.  You can also search for individual people.  By looking up the items listed below use subject terms under their catalogue record tab to identify more sources.

Some useful sources include:

  • Love, sex and marriage in the Middle Ages: a sourcebook. Conor McCarthy, Routledge. HQ513 .M33 2004
  • Gender and sexuality in the Middle Ages: a medieval source documents reader. Martha Brozyna, McFarlan & Co. HQ1075 .G418 2005
  • The Letters of Hildegard of Bingend. Saint Hildegard, Oxford University Press. 2006 e-book
  • The life of Christina of Markyate. C.H. Talbot, Oxford University Press. BX4700 .C567 L525 2008
  • The revelations of St. Birgitta of Sweden. Saint Bridget of Sweden. Oxford university Press. 2006 e-book
  • The book of margery Kempe. Margery Kempe. Brewer, PR2007 .K4 Z46 2004
  • Letters of medieval women. Anne Crawford. Sutton.  HQ1147 .G7 L46 2002
  • Joan of ArcL la pucelle: selected sources. Craig Taylor. Manchester University Press. DC103 .A117 J62 2006
  • Medieval women's writing: works by and for women in England, 1100-1500.  Diane Watt, Polity. PR275 .W6 W38 2007
  • Women, crusading and the Holy Land in historical narrative. Natasha R. Hodgson, Boydell Press. D160 .H63 2007
  • The writings of Julian of Norwich: a vision showed to a devout woman and a revelation of love. Nicholas Watson. Pennsylvania State University Press. BV4832.3 .W75 2006
  • Mary of Oignies: mother of salvation. Anneke B. Mulder-Bakker.  Brepols. BV5095 .M36 M37 2006

General Medieval Primary Source Sets

Primary sources often have "sources" as a subject heading in the catalogue, so if you do a subject keyword search on your topic and include "sources" you should find some.  For general primary source sets try the following terms in a catalogue keyword search:

You can use the catalogue records of the items below (which are not found in the two linked searches) to find other sources on the same topic.

  • Calendar of the fine rolls of the reign of Henry III: preserved in The National Archives. Paul Dryburgh, DA25 .D329 2007
  • Dialogus de Scaccario: the dialogue of the Exchequer. Richard Fitzneale. Clarendon. HJ1028 .F58 2007
  • Telling tales: sources and narration in late medieval England.Joel Thomas Rosenthal, Pennsylvania State University Press, DA170 .R67 2003
  • Daily life through world history in primary documents. Lawrence Morris, Greenwood Press, CB69 .D35 2009 (v.2 covers medieval period)
  • The Black Death: the great mortality of 1348-1350: a brief history with documents.  John Aberth, Bedford/St. Martin's. RC178 .A1 A237 2005
  • A Knight's own book of chivalry: Geoffroi De Charny. Geoffroi de Charny, University of Pennsylvania Press. CR4513 .C43 2005
  • The voice of the poor in the Middle Ages: an anthology of documents from Cairo Genzia. Mark Cohen, Princeton University Press. HV17 .C64 2005
  • The voices of medieval Bulgaria, seventh-fifteenth century: the records of a bygone culture. Kiril Petkov, Brill. DR73.7 .P48 2008
  • Medieval England, 1000-1500: a reader. Emilie Amt.  Broadview. DA170 .M43 2001

Useful subject terms include proper nouns (persons and places).  Such as "Great Britain" "Thomas Aquinas" or "Eadmer of Canterbury".  Oxford Scholarship Online contains e-book medieval primary sources and can be searched directly, instead of through the catalogue.


The crusades use a different subject heading set, you will want to search for "crusades" and "sources".  Searching for "chronicles" and "crusades" will yeild another set of primary documents.  Below is another suggested source that neither of those searches will return.

  • Historia Ierosolimitana: history of the journey to Jerusalem. Albert of Aachen. Clarendon Press D161 .A43 2007
  • The chronicle of Ibn al-Ath¯ir for the crusading period from al-K¯amil f¯i’l-ta’r¯ikh.   Ibn al-Ath¯ir, ‘Izz al-D¯in. Ashgate. D152 .I2313 2006

Chronicles, Biographies, Annals, and Histories from the Middle Ages

There are primary sources such as chronicles and biographies that are not necessarily as marked as "sources" in the system.   A search for works with publishing date set >1500 and related keyword can produce some results.  Click hear for a search of items published between  >1500 with the term "history".  They can also be identified using keywords or looking at bibliographies.  Below are some examples.

  • The Chronicles of Jean Froissart: in Lord Berners' translation; selected, edited, and introduced by Gillian and William Anderson. Jean Froissart. D113 .F921 1963
  • Two Lives of Charlemagne. Einhard. DC73.32 .T45 1969
  • History and politics in late Carolingian and Ottonian Europe: the Chronicle of Regino of Prum and Adalbert of Magdeburg. Abbot of Prum Regino. DC70 .A2 R44 2009
  • The secret history of the Mongols: a Mongolian epic chronicle of the thirteenth century. Igor de Rachewiltz, Brill. DS19 .Y7813 2004 (v.1 & v.2)
  • Chronicling history: chroniclers adn historians in medieval and Renaissance Italy. Sharon Dale, Pennsylvania State University Press, DG501 .C48 2007
  • Chronicles of the reign of Aethelred the Unready: and edition and translation of the Old English and latin annals.  C. R. hart.  Edwin Mellen, DA150 .C48 2006
  • Byrthferth's East Anglian chronicle: a comparative edition and translation of the Latin annals.  Byrthferth, Edwin Mellen, DA150 .B96 2006
  • Byrthferth's Northumbrian chronicle: an edition and translation of the Old English and Latin annals.  Byrthferth, Edwin Mellen, DA150 .B97 2006
  • The Chronica maiora of Thomas Walsingham, 1376-1422. Thomas Walsingham, Boydell, DA240 .W35 2005
  • Chronicle of Hainaut. Gislebertus of Mons. Boydell Press. DH801 .H26 G431 2005
  • The deeds of Count Roger of Calabria and Sicily and of his brother Duke Robert Guiscard. Goffredo Malaterra. University of Michigan, DG867 .24 .M3513 2005

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