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Environmental Science

What's on this page?

Full-text sources

Our catalogue lists some EIAs. Search for combinations of the following. Use the word, "and", between them:

  • project name (e.g. Christina Lake Regional project; Eagle Creek)
  • environmental impact analysis
  • company name (e.g. Golder, Shell)
  • E.g. christina lake regional project and environmental impact analysis
    E.g. hardy associates and moose mountain
    E.g. hardy associates and environmental impact analysis
    - use the call number and floor to find the documents

Government of Alberta - Environment and Parks - Environmental Assessment/Evaluation Page
"Summary of Environmental Assessment Activity" links to quite a few full-text documents. Other EIAs listed need to be obtained from original company.
Also includes guides on how to provide comments on EIAs, and how to review EIAs.

Alberta Energy Regulatory (formerly Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB)) (Alberta)
The AER has some EIAs available, however, collection is not systematic. Phone first with the application # to verify the EIA you are looking for is there. They also supply copies of other EIAs, for $11.00 per application; again, you will need to have the application #.


These provide information about EIAs (Alberta) and environmental assessments (federal), but not a lot of full text. Use the information from these pages to search our catalogue, or the two Alberta sources above.

  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry
    Basic information about projects undergoing environmental assessment across Canada, starting from November 2003. Search tools find information about environmental assessments. For screening-type assessments conducted under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, you will find information on:
    • a notice of the commencement of the environmental assessment
    • a description of the scope of the project being assessed
    • a copy of the environmental assessment report or how a copy may be obtained
    • the responsible authority’s decision on the environmental assessment
    • notices requesting public comments when public consultations are undertaken
    • a copy of the scope of the assessment, or how a copy may be obtained, when public consultations are undertaken
    • details on follow-up programs when they are implemented for an environmental assessment

The Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry will contain additional information for comprehensive studies, review panels, mediations and class screenings.
You can also view other documents relating to environmental assessments and obtain these documents by contacting the person listed on each assessment.

  • EIS: Digests of Environmental Impact Statements
    Currently accessed through the CSA Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management (ESPM) database. Click on "Searching # databases", then check the box beside EIS: Digests of ... to search for environmental impact statements.
  • Environmental Impact Statements
    Index of environmental impact statements from the U.S. Pacific Northwest. The search has been incorporated into the library's main catalogue.
  • Federal Environmental Assessment Index (this is now archived, see Canadian Environmental Assessment Registry)
    "A master list of all the environmental assessments carried out under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act that have been registered by responsible federal authorities. The index also provides contacts with each assessment in order to provide the public with an opportunity to obtain further information." Covers 2002-2003, archives back to 1995 are available for browsing.

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