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Games and Related Media Collection

This page is here to give more information about the digital video game collection and services around it.

Games as Coursework

The Collection will include tools for authoring games as well as playing them.  If you would like your students to be able to create games or virtual environments we will work with you to help make that happen.  Software tools such as Valve's Source Development Kit (SDK) will be available as will help with using them.

Ideas and Examples

The Centre for Arts and Culture's Digital Video game collection will also work to bring together examples of course outlines and lesson plans that incorporated games, and when possible the games themselves.  We also hope to host a series of workshops where faculty from UofC, SAIT and MRU will be invited to present on lessons they have taught that used games.  The workshops will involve a mix of presentation, play and discussion.

Basic Catalogue Search

Using Games in your Teaching

Using games in a course already but need better access?  Let us know, we will see what we can do to make it work for you.  If there are specific games you need if you let us know we will make sure we have them.  If your class needs to be able to access a particular game outside of class we can have them available.  If you want to use them in class time, that may also be an option.

If you have not used games in your teaching before but are interested in the possibility let us know.  The librarian responsible for the collection can offer suggestions and support and when appropriate put you into contact with other individuals who can help.

We are still setting our policies around access and support for teaching and are open to your suggestions.  You can contact Jerremie Clyde with questions about using games in your teaching.  He has experience in working with instructors to incorporate games into their courses, including everything from creating board games from scratch to helping students modify commercial-off-the-shelf games.


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