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We'll be BACK on site, but NOT just yet!

Check this site regularly for updates on what onsite services we are restoring.

LCR is part of the overall University of Calgary re-entry strategy. We are working to restore some essential services as quickly as possible in a way that is safe for you - our users- and our staff and in the context of the overall campus re-entry plan. We will continue to offer our suite of online services and will also be expanding access to online books and resources. Virtual service hours today: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM. 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. Physical locations remain closed. You can return your books to the exterior book drop on the East side of the TFDL. More information on the Covid 19 page.

Content Development

Understanding EBook Access Model

Note:  To ensure permanent access to a particular title, a purchase is required. If you wish to use or confirm access to an eBook for a course, please request its purchase through the Copyright Office.

Perpetual (purchased/owned)

Perpetual eBooks are owned by Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR).  This means that LCR has purchased a copy and has perpetual rights to that eBook.  In most cases, this is a single user copy unless a course purchase is made for simultaneous user access. These titles are loaded into the Classic Catalogue.

Accessible not owned​

The eBook titles available in the following three models can fluctuate, since such titles do not remain permanently available when purchased through a package.

  1. Subscription

EBook packages are subscribed to on an annual basis.  These are very cost effective as thousands of books can be available to users for a very low cost per use. These packages are subject to publisher removal of individual book titles at inconvenient times.  LCR does not purchase individual titles unless a request is made.

  1. Demand Driven Acquisitions (DDA)

EBook titles are not owned by LCR, but records for the eBooks are provided for users using SEARCH (Summon, not the Classic Catalogue). If someone uses the eBook multiple times, a purchase is triggered and it becomes a Perpetual eBook.  Publishers frequently add and subtract individual book titles from DDA.

  1. Evidence-Based Acquisitions

These are a hybrid between perpetual and subscription eBooks.  In May 2016, we initiated our first evidence-based acquisitions subscription - with University Press Scholarship Online (Oxford University Press).  This arrangement provides access to approximately 20,000 academic eBooks for one year.  At the end of the year, we will be required to purchase a small percentage of the collection.  The eBooks we purchase will be owned perpetually.  If we renew the subscription, we will retain access to the initial collection for the renewal period, as well as receive access for those titles added for the renewed subscription period. At the end of the renewal, we will again be required to purchase a minimum percentage from the collection.

Contact: Rob Tiessen, Content Development Librarian,

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