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Content Development

Libraries and Cultural Resources (LCR) uses the following criteria to make cancellation decisions in a complex purchasing and database licensing environment (most journals and, sometimes, books are parts of large packages rather than individual title purchases, with varied contract and multiyear consortial licenses). Our goal is to provide the broadest access possible, ensuring appropriate balance in our collections and staying within our budgetary restrictions:

Library Data Analysis (Quantitative)

  • no print duplication if material is available online
  • extent of duplication of online access through multiple sources
  • amount of overlap or unique content in the product/package
  • low impact journal (based on evidence from a variety of data sources)
  • nature and availability of comparable resources
  • low demonstrated demand (based on usage data)
  • high cost per use
  • University of Calgary researchers rarely or never publish in the journal
  • few citations by University of Calgary researchers
  • publication cost increases that far exceed the rate of inflation
  • problematic licensing terms (e.g. no remote access, unable to use on course management system)
  • embargo periods; i.e. the length of time during which the current content is not available

Commentary and Feedback (Qualitative)

  • critical review and information from our subject specialists
  • not required for discipline-specific research or teaching needs
  • faculty feedback
  • full-text access preferred to abstracting and indexing resources, according to disciplinary practices
  • issues with discoverability through the catalogue and or discovery layer
  • licensing problems
  • interdisciplinary nature of the resource

These criteria are applied equitably across all disciplines to ensure that no one discipline or field of study is disadvantaged.

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