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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an embargo?

A specific period of time during which full text journal articles are not available.

What does backfile mean?

Non-current journal issues.

What does cancellation mean?

The subscriber (University of Calgary) has asked the publisher/vendor to end its subscription to a specific journal or database. The University may continue to retain access to the past years that have been paid for but this is not always the case. It would depend on whether there were perpetual access rights in the license.

What is Scholarly Sharing?

Sharing one to three journal articles with a research colleague at another institution that does not have access to a specific journal.  The license information page provides details about whether articles from a specific journal or journal package can be shared.

What is perpetual access? What does it mean if we see perpetual access permitted?

The term used to indicate whether access rights to content are retained when the University’s journal license agreement ends

What is JournalTOCs (

A table of contents service that links to Interlibrary Loan or to the full text via open access or subscribed access

What is OA Findr (

Search tool for finding open access articles.  It provides search results for millions of full text open access scholarly papers from sources such as:  Open Access Journals, Open Access articles (from hybrid open access journals), Institutional repositories (author self-archived articles), subject repositories and commercial repositories (e.g. ResearchGate).

Is the cancellation list current?

Yes, the cancellation list is current and is updated on a weekly basis.

How do I tell for which years a journal  is available?

This webpage gives information for both online and print journals in separate search boxes:

Can I make journal articles available to my students for class readings?

The license information page will let you know if you can share an article from a specific journal package with your students.

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