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Media Creation Resources

iTunes U

iTunes U

  • Provides access to a number of free educational audio and other resources, that can be accessed from your computer or downloaded to your iPhone, e.g. beginner French lessons (audio)
  • While iTunes U is ideal for accessing and replaying lectures, many other forms of content can also be distributed — including slideshows, PDFs, films, exhibit tours, and audiobooks. (Media formats supported include AAC, MP3, MPEG-4, and PDF.) 

Creative Commons licenses


  • Many creators of web content are using Creative Commons licenses to convey allowed uses of their web content.
  • See to learn more about Creative Commons (online videos):
    • Get Creative: "explains history of Creative Commons"
    • Reticulum Rex: "revisits Creative Commons a year after launch and looks towards the future"
  • For more, search "Creative Commons" on YouTube

Multimedia Resources Freely Available (Web)

Creative Commons Content Directories

  • Links to online resources with Creative Commons licenses for: Audio, Video, Image, Text, and Other

Multimedia Resources with License Fees (Web)

Footage Firm Royalty-Free Stock Footage