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Family Medicine

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds tell you when a webpage has been updated.  That page can be a journal, newspaper, blog or anything else that you like to check regularly.

To use RSS feeds, you first need a Reader and we are recommending Google Reader.  Click here for a brief video describing what Google reader is.

  • Create a Google account.  You can use an existing email addres. You do not need to create a gmail account.
  • Go to webpages of interest, and look for RSS or the orange logo.  Click and send to your Google Reader.

 Click here for a video describing how to set up Google Reader

 How to add Google Reader to your IGoogle page.  Click here


Quick Start RSS feeds

Just click on the title  below to add to your google reader. 

Find other top medical RSS feeds here 

General instructions on finding RSS Feeds are here

BMJ                      JAMA                        
CBC Health Journal Watch
CMAJ Lancet
Health Canada         


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