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Women's Studies

Women's Studies websites

Selected links to Women's Studies websites

 Feminist Theory Website

Edited by Kristina Switala (philosophy, Univ. of Tennessee at Chattanooga), and fully accessible in English, French, and Spanish. Contributions are made by scholars and specialists from around the world. The site is organized into 3 parts. The first section is fields within feminism, with 31 fields listed including traditional disciplines such as education, history, and law, and topics such as Post-Colonialism, Separatism, and Body Studies. The second section includes national and ethnic feminisms. The final section is dedicated to individual feminisms.

This site is created by the Women's Studies Section of the Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL). It contains links to high-quality sites appropriate for academic research on women's studies topics and issues categorized into broad subject areas. ACRL is a division of the American Library Association, so there is a US bias in the inclusion of sites, but there is a lot of very valuable information here so it is worth spending some time following these links.

A selective, annotated, highly acclaimed listing of web sites containing resources and information about women's studies / women's issues, with an emphasis on sites of particular use to an academic women's studies program. If you're looking for sites on a specific women-focused topic, you may prefer to use the following subject sections rather than scroll through the all-inclusive alphabetical listing (recently updated sections are marked update):



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