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IFP - Writing Persuasive Essays

Using the library search box

Here's ONE way to search for the information you want from the library's resources.

Try typing in your question.

  • If that doesn't work, then try to think of the key words related to your topic, and use just those in your search.
  • If your term is  a phrase, put it in quotation marks around it (e.g. "fish oil") so it searches for the words together.

For example, you probably won't get good results if you search: Should stem cell research be carried out? Instead, think about your key concepts. Perhaps it's the issues involved in this research, in which case you might search "stem cell research" issues or debate or even ethics. Or if you want to write about why stem cell research is important, you search might be "stem cell research" contributions 

Below are the results of a search for stem cell research issues:

  • Note "more results" at the bottom of both columns (highlighted in red at the bottom on the left column).
  • Below that see journals that have your topic in the title.
  • The arrow points out that ebooks can also be useful because they may have relevant chapters.


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