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Education - Lesson Planning Resources

Subject Specific Search Strategies

Library Resources 

Use study and teaching as part of your search. Click on any of these links to see the results:

science study and teaching

fractions study and teaching

india study and teaching

Adding elementarymiddle school or secondary to make your search more specific

      mathematics study and teaching middle school

Or find materials about achieving particular learning outcomes by searching for subjects like:

 media literacy

critical thinking

content area reading

 movement education


Web Resources

Doucette Resource - Subject Specific Areas

For material and examples of teaching in specific subject areas visit these areas of the library and browse in these number areas.

300.7 - Social Studies

372.4 - Elementary Language Arts - Reading

372.6 - Elementary Language Arts

428.00712 - Secondary Language Arts

428.40712 - Secondary Language Arts - Reading

507.1 - Science

510.7 - Math

907 - History


Social Sciences - 300.7

Language Arts (Elementary) - 372.6

Language Arts (Secondary)- 428.00712

Science 507.1

Math - 510.7

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