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Education - Social Studies Resources (Elementary)

Communities in Canada - Topics


Grade 2 students will investigate life in three diverse communities within Canada. Based on their understanding of their own communities, students will explore characteristics of selected rural and urban communities in Canada: an Inuit community, a prairie community and an Acadian community. They will apply their understanding of various aspects that define communities, such as geography, culture, language, heritage, economics and resources, in their investigation of how communities are connected. Students will discover how people live in each of these communities and will reflect upon the vastness of Canada and the diversity of Canadian communities.

Students will also be given the opportunity to study the past of their own or one of the other communities studied. Throughout the study, emphasis will be on the contribution of individuals and groups to a community. -- from  Program of Studies, Alberta Education, (p.1 in Grade 2.)

Topic 2.1 : My world: home, school, community

Keywords and subject headings to use when searching the catalogue: identity (psychology), names, schools, community, neighborhoods, home, families, dwellings, prairie, prairies, prairie provinces, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Acadians, Acadia, Inuit.

See Pinterest : Social Studies Grade 2: Topic 2.1 - Canada's dynamic communities for additional titles.

Topic 2.2 : Community in the past

Keywords and subject headings to use when searching the catalogue: cities and towns history, city and town life history, prairie, prairies, prairie provinces, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Acadians, Acadia, Inuit.

See Pinterest : Social Studies Grade 2: Topic 2.2 - Community in the past for additional titles.

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