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Education - Doing Literature Reviews

Citation Mining

 Find one great resource and look at the reference list to see what that author consulted (sometimes called citation mining).

 For instance, if you want to find the fulltext of the article "Changing district priorities for school-business collaboration" published in Educational Adminstration Quarterly, use one of these strategies:

  1. Search the article title in the Library Search Box. (put the article title in quotes)
  2. Search the article title in Google Scholar (article title in quotes).


 Theses or Dissertations directly related to your topic will have extensive lists of references.  Places to find theses:

1) Proquest Theses and Dissertations database is the most comprehensive sources for electronic versions of theses/disserations. 

HINT: to avoid searching the fulltext of all dissertations, change the dropdown box to "All fields (no full text) - ALL"  

2)  Not all Canadian universities submit to Proquest, so you may also want to use the Theses Canada portal

2) The Doucette Library (3rd floor of the Education Block) has print copies of most thesis and dissertations written in the Faculty of Education - use the Advanced Catalogue Search and limit by location to Doucette Library - thesis collection


Who has cited this source?

Who has cited your favorite source in their own research? Find out how often it's been cited, and by whom, using citation databases like Scopus, or Google Scholar (an increasing number of journal databases also provide this information.)   Caution: you'll  want to check more than one of these sources, since each is limited in the sources it indexes.

You can also use a database like Scopus to discover relevant authors or journals. See example from Scopus below. After doing a basic search using the words gender mathematics "single sex," I clicked Analyze results and Author name to see who has published most on this topic. (You might want to look at the second part of the video below, for more information about citation searching.)


Citation Mining/Searching Video

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