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Instructional Guide for HTST 200

Theses and Dissertations in History

Theses and dissertations are excellent sources of information on a subject and their comprehensive bibliographies on the subject make them useful at any stage of your research.  The main source for theses and dissertations is ProQuest Dissertations and Theses which indexes and provides selected full text of theses and dissertations worldwide.

Another significant resource for students of history is Directory of History Dissertations.  Produced by the American Historical Society, this resource lists dissertations completed or currently in progress at 200 academic departments in Canada and the U.S.

Other sources of theses and dissertations that may be useful to history students follow:

  • Centre for Research Libraries – a collection of over 20,000 doctoral dissertations from outside Canada and the U.S.  Search by title, author or keyword. Items in this database may be obtained by interlibrary loan 
  • British Library EthOS - provides free access to many British dissertations
  • Cybertheses – provides access to citations of French dissertations from North America, Europe, Africa and South America from 1972 to present.
  • DART - European E-thesis Portal
  • Dialnet - index to Spanish theses, provides fulltext access for many works
  • -  search over 26,000 Englisn-language Swedish dissertations - many are available fulltext
  • National Library of Canada Theses Canada Portal – provides access to the National Library of Canada theses collection, 1965 - over 300,000 theses with over 50,000 available in fulltext
    OAIster  -   Union catalogue of digital resources - good for locating theses housed in the digital repositories of various universities - also available as part of  
    Worldcat -   Change " Subtype limits" for "any content" to " Thesis/Dissertation". Note: Some results may be later edited publications of original dissertations. Note you can also use which allows you to limit results to dissertations but record information is not as detailed

University of Calgary Theses and Dissertations

University of Calgary Theses Database - collection of theses and dissertation from graduates of the University of Calgary

University of Calgary Library Catalogue  - while a copy of all U of C theses is located in the University Archives, for many a second copy is held in the library collection.  Search the catalogue for "calgary and (thes?s or dissertation)" to locate U of C theses.

University of Calgary Institutional Repository -  records for all  theses and dissertations are being added here and, in the future, this will also provide access to the full-text

Note: many University of Calgary theses are available full-text through Proquest Dissertations and Theses and or Thesis Canada Portal

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