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Education - iPads in the classroom

Apps on Doucette iPad

The Doucette spreadsheet is updated on a regular basis to reflect the addition of new apps. Where possible, the link has been provided to the Apps store, so that it is possible to see the creator names and what the app looks like, as well as the reviews. Please note that pricing information is reflected as of the time of publishing this guide. There may be changes made by Apple that are not reflected on these sheets.

Books - Fiction and non-fiction

Are digital books better than "real" books? This is the great debate among librarians, teachers and readers alike. The list of digital books presented here represents a very small sample of what is good - and not so good - about digital books.

Are e-books any good?

New apps

On a regular basis, the Doucette downloads new apps that have been recommended by staff and students, reviewed by an outside source or ones that just look like they might have an application to a class or curriculum unit. If you have an app that you would lke to see here, please use the suggestion sheet on the Apps suggestion tab to let us know what it is and why you think it is important.

Subject apps

Many apps have an obvious curriculum connection in one subject area. Selection and placement in these subject areas for the purposes of this lib-guide is  arbitrary.

Productivity and Classroom Enhancement Apps


There are a great many games that can be used. Here are just a few:

Apps for Students with Diverse Learning Needs

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