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Education - Doucette Library Book Club

This guide identifies books discussed in the monthly Book Club session, run by Doucette Library staff. Books are added by year, and then incorporated into the appropriate areas for the next year.

Fiction Listings

This lists all fiction titles recommended over the years. The titles are colour-coordinated according to the colours listed below.

If you are looking for a title and don't know the age or stage, then please check the general "Fiction" spreadsheet. The titles are listed alphabetically and colour-coded according to the following legend.

Red = suitable for early readers - Grades Kindergarten to Grade 4

Blue = suitable for Grades 5 - 8

Green = suitable for Junior high, high school and Young Adult - Grades 9 - 12.

Fairy Tales Myths and Legends

Age and Stage

The titles in this section are seperated out according to age and stage. Generally, the categories are:

Early readers - those students who are beginning to read on their own and can master simple sentences. Books in this category will apppeal generally to children in Grades 1 to 3.

Upper elementary and Junior High - these titles generally have a "deeper" story line and more complex writing.  Grades 5 to 8 students.

High School and Young Adult (YA) - these titles can have edgier plots and can deal with the complexities of life - romaces, complicated family relationships, murder and/or death, gender orientation, understanding and awakening of one's sexuality. They are for, and about, teens and pre-teens - ages 12 to 18 years or junior high and high school ages.

Graphic Novels

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