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LAW Canadian Legislation

This guide is intended to help researchers locate legislation for all Canadian jurisdictions and provide links to sources for other legislative materials

Finding Bills

Bill Tracking

  • Print Sources
    • Indexes
      •  Canada Legislative Index (KE31. C36 Ref)
      •  Canada Statute Citator (green pages), (KF106. C36 Ref)
      •  Canadian Current Law: Legislation (KE173. C436, Ref)
    • Bills
      • Current Bills are in Reserve (KE 65 Senate; KE 68 Commons)
      • Backset Bills on first floor (same call numbers)
  • Electronic Databases

Finding Statutes and Regulations

Many statutes are available electronically. Although content often mirrors content available in various databases, no source is totally comprehensive. When "noting up" check multiple resources for best results.

Print Sources

    • Table of Public Statutes
      • Most recent print version is in Reference (KE 94 .C36).
    • Update by tracking progress of Bills since date of Table of Public Statutes (see below).
    • Looseleaf services often include current consolidated statutes and regulations.   Locate looseleaf services by searching the online catalogue by subject.
    • Statutes for the current year are published in the Canada Gazette Part III (Reserve KE 91).
    • Backset Statutes are on the first floor (KE 88).

Electronic Sources

Other Legislative Materials

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