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Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

A guide to finding books, articles, and technical information for your coursework in chemical and petroleum engineering.

Useful Websites

Key Associations/Societies

Often the sites below will include industry profiles, statistics and data and sometimes membership information. It’s very important to consider association information when doing energy research because these groups are often the voice of the entire industry. They will give an idea of what the latest trends are, what legislation regulates their industry and who makes up their membership.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers - "CAPP is the voice of the upstream oil and natural gas industry in Canada."

Chemical Institute of Canada - Organization for Canada's chemical engineers, chemical technologists and chemists.

SPE Canada - get the latest info on conferences and networking opportunities with the Society of Petroleum Engineers.

Explorers and Producers Association of Canada - Advocacy organization for junior and mid-size oil and gas companies in Canada.

Canadian Society for Unconventional Gas - "CSUG...educating the public and industry about unconventional gas."

Canadian Gas Association - "The CGA is the voice of Canada 's natural gas distribution industry."


Key Organizations

Centre for Energy - A not-for-profit organization that produced information on various aspects of energy in Canada, including oil and gas, coal, nuclear, hydro, wind, solar, hydrogen and fuel cell, and biomass

Key Government Departments/Agencies

Alberta Energy Regulator (formerly Alberta Energy and Utilities Board) - "EUB is an independent, quasi-judicial agency of the Government of Alberta."

National Energy Board - "NEB is an independent federal agency established in 1959 by the Parliament of Canada to regulate international and interprovincial aspects of the oil, gas and electric utility industries."



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