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About Annual Reports

The Canadian and American Governments mandate that companies which are publicly traded must communicate certain pieces of information about their company in a public manner.  This communication is regulated by the Canadian Securities Administrators (Provincial) in Canada, and by the Securities Exchange Commission (Federal) in the USA.  SEDAR is an open and free database of these documents for Canadian companies, and EDGAR is the same for the documents of American Companies.  Annual reports are only one of many reports you will find in these databases.

Where to Find Corporate Documents

Note: Most public companies have their Annual Reports and other corporate documents on their website. Annual reports and other corporate filings will be under a heading such as INVESTORS or REPORTS AND FILINGS.

For a complete list of all official corporate filings, see below

ANNUAL REPORTS, ANNUAL INFORMATION FORMS & PROXY CIRCULAR - System for filing most securities related information with the Canadian securities regulatory authority. Canadian public company annual reports from 1997 onward, among other company-produced, regulated documentation.

ANNUAL REPORTS 10-K and PROXY STATEMENT DEF 14A - System for filing most securities related information with the SEC.  American (and some other) company annual reports from 1984 onward, among other company-produced regulated documentation.

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