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Education - Fine Arts Teaching

Helpful resources for teaching the fine arts (art, drama and music) or teaching through the arts.

During the collaborative process, magic happens.

"Who knew that regular kids, not just select stars, could be taught to work and think like real artists? Who would guess that kids could produce such sophisticated and meaningful pieces of art?  Who imagined such amibitious projects could be pulled off within the constraints, budgetary and otherwise, of local schools? As important, who could have predicted the unifying effect the collaborative process itself would have not only on kids but on classrooms and surrounding communties?" -- from Making Art Together by Mark Cooper and Lisa Sjostrom, p. 1&4).

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To find books about teaching visual art, use the classic catalogue and do a SUBJECT search for art study and teaching. Add either secondary or elementaryto be more specific. 

Resources specifically about teaching art are in  the Doucette Library in call number 707, and in the TFDL  in call number N85. Supporting resources can also be found in both libraries (in 730-788  in the Doucette, and in  NB-NK in the TFDL).

A few example titles are below.

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